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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 13-19 2020



Value cards are a popular alternative to single tickets. A value card contains 12 or 22 tickets that can be used to pick up tickets for the festival. Buying a value card will save you money compared to buying single tickets. A single ticket costs kr. 115, - price per ticket, on purchase of a value card 12 it will be NOK 99, -, when buying value card 22 the price per ticket is kr. 93, -.

Value card with 12 tickets:    kr. 1188,-
Value card with 22 tickets:    kr. 2046,-

You can buy your value card here.
A value card does not include a festival bracelet. You must have a festival bracelets to watch movies under TIFF,  you can buy your festival bracelet at all box offices and at the information desk at Aurora kino Fokus. You get the festival catalog when buying a festival bracelet. 


Starting Monday, January 7th, at the box office at Aurora kino Fokus at. 08.00
If you want to buy tickets online, you can do it from Monday, January 7 at. 12:00 at
For the Festival's friends, ticket sales start online already 3 January at. 12:00. Read more about the Festival Friend memberships here. Memberships can be bought here.

TIFF AT 1-2-3
1. Buy a festival bracelet and a value card in on of the box offices, or the information desk. Remember that more people can share a value card. 
2. Use a value card, or credit card, to buy your tickets on
3. Print your tickets at home or pick up the tickets in one of the ticket slots or ticket machines.


Festival bracelet with catalog: kr. 150,-/ kr. 140,- / kr. 120,- (ordinary / seniors / student)
Singel ticket: kr.110,

Value card 12 tickets: kr. 1 188,-- ( price per ticket: 99,-)
Value card 22 tickets: kr. 2 046,-- ( price per ticket: 93,-)

StudentYOUNG25 - package: kr. 230,- ( includes festival bracelet and 2 tickets. Requires valid student card or identification that you are under 25 years old)

Festival friend single: kr. 720,-
Festival friend double: kr. 950,-
Gift card 22 tickets: kr.  2178,- 
Gift card 12 tickets: kr. 1344,-
Gift card 2 tickets: kr. 395,-


To watch a movie you need a festival bracelet. This is a bracelet that attaches around your wrist and must be displayed at the entrance at every screening. The festival bracelet is personal and it void if removed or destroyed. Festival bracelet can be purchased at all box offices and in the information desk at Aurora kino Fokus. 

The Festival catalog is included in the purchase of a festival bracelet. 


Tickets to all screenings kan be purchased at Aurora kino Fokus, KulturHuset, Verdensteateret and Hålogaland theatre. Tickets can be purchased at Studentsamfunnet Driv half an hour before the first screening.


From the 7th of January you can purchase tickets for all movies at You can pay with value card og credit card. You will then be given a reference number per transaction. 

You can print out your ticket at home or take your reference number as well as the value or credit card you paid with and pick up the ticket at one of our box offices or ticket machines.

TIFF has a general age limit of 15 years for participation at the festival

Although the performance is sold out, it is still possible to get a ticket. Meet up to 5 minutes before the start of the show. There are organized own queues for quick sale of unused tickets, «rushtickets», just before the movie starts. N.B! We sell unused seats at movie start.
On arrival after the announced movie start, you lose your seat in the hall. Meet up at time!

There are designated ticket windows for accreditated participants at Aurora kino Fokus and at Clarion Hotel The Edge. Accreditated participants may also obtain tickets at the regular ticket windows. You may collect tickets for the current day and the day after every day. There is a separat ticket quota for all screenings (unless where otherwise noted) for accreditated delegates that will be opened for sale in the morning the day before the screening. There are also good chances to get "Rush tickets" before every screening.

General information about ticket sales and answers to any questions can be obtained from Aurora kino Fokus.
Tlf: +47 477 70 864

For questions about ticketsales, kontakt Aurora Billett
Telefon: +47 47 77 08 64

For information about the festival and the program, you can contact the information desk

Here you can also buy festival effects, value cards and festival bracelets.
Tlf: +47 934 10 034
The information desk opens on Monday January 7th at 12 o'clock.

Opening hours
Mon January 7th    08:00-18:00 
Tue-Sat January 8th-12th   11:00-18:00 
SunJanuary 13th   12:00-21:00 
Mon-SatJanuary 14th-19th   08:30-22:00 
SunJanuary 20th   08:30-18:00