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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 18-24 2021

Program 2020

La Belle Epoque / La Belle Époque (2019) - Teaser (English Subs)

Antoine owns a company that sells unique experiences to rich people. With amazing sets, scripts and hard-working actors, he can recreate any time period, place and environment the client could ask for. It’s the closest you get to time travel without an actual time machine. Comic book writer Victor has been married to Marianne, the love of his life, for decades, but the relationship is falling apart. Victor is gifted one of these unique experiences and decides to recreate the evening he met Marianne more than 40 years ago. But there is also plenty of drama backstage in this production, dangerously close to spilling over into the 70s recreation. Will Victor find himself again, and manage to save his marriage through his trip back to the 70s? Or are some things best left in the past?

LA BELLE ÉPOQUE is a heart-warming comedy about lost love and lost youth. About family, relationships, art and romance. What is real and what is pretend? The difference can sometimes be hard to spot.
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Orginal title: 
La Belle Époque
Nicolas Bedos
Nicolas Bedos
Nicolas Bedos
Daniel Auteuil, Guillaume Canet, Doria Tillier, Fanny Ardant, Pierre Arditi
Run time: 
1 hour 55 min
François Kraus, Denis Pineau-Valencienne
Another World Entertainment
Age rating: 
Director info: 
Nicolas Bedos (b. 1980) has worked as an actor, director, script writer, author and comedian, in theatre, film, TV and on the radio. His father is a comedian and his mother a dancer, so Bedos grew up in a very artistic environment. He started out as a theatre script writer. LA BELLE ÉPOQUE is his second feature film.