FINDING THE LINE | Tromsø International Film Festival

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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 13-19 2020

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Dag Tid Sted
Tuesday 15. January 19:00 Winter Cinema

Throughout their careers as professional skiers, Anna and Nat have both constantly been challenged by fear. Yet, despite being brought up under the same roof, they have learned to deal with it in almost contrasting ways, neither leading them to the success they dreamed of. A heartfelt journey on the knife's edge of big mountains throughout Canada and France push them to their physical and emotional limits. The extreme skiing mecca of Alaska pushes them beyond. The Australian sisters soon realise that the most important lessons lie within each other’s approach.

Orginal title: FINDING THE LINE
Director: Bjarne Salén
Screenplay: Anna Segal, Nat Segal
Photography: Bjarne Salén
Actors: Anna Segal, Nat Segal, Lorraine Huber, Greg Hill, Mike Douglas, Barbara Meyer
Run time: 58 min
Year: 2018
Country: Australia
Dialogue: English
Subtitles: None
Producer: Anna Segal, Nat Segal, Fran Derham
Sales: Birds of a Feather
Age rating: 15

Director info:
Bjarne Salén of Endlessflow Films, is an adventure filmmaker, director and producer from Sweden. Bjarne’s hallmark is capturing footage in challenging terrain.  Dream Line (2014) won worldwide acclaim.

Winter Cinema