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TIFF 2019 14.-20. januar



14.-20. januar 2019

Program 2018

Filmmaker Alan Zweig travels to Nunuvut in Arctic Canada, to make a film about the Inuit. But he barges so heavily into people’s homes – and steps on their emotions – that it, at one point, seems unlikely he will be able to finish his film. He gets help from his semi-reluctant friend and guide Tatanniq (Lucie) Idlout, the Inuk rocker returned home. Thanks to her, we get close to the oppressed and traumatized but also resilient and optimistic people of Nunavut.   

Zweig’s trademark is to be an active part of his films, and he is not afraid to ask at times hopeless, naive and awkward questions. His undeniable honesty ultimately creates the trust needed for people to open up and show us their scars – so that we can learn and understand. This is a powerful film about Inuit life today.

Introduction at screening on Monday.
Introduction and Q&A at screening on Wednesday.

Alan Zweig
John Price
Run time: 
1 hour 45 min
Michael McMahon, Kristina McLaughlin, Kevin McMahon
Primitive Entertainment
Age rating: 
Director info: 

Alan Zweig was an actor, driver, writer, director and producer, before he found his niche in documentary filmmaking. In his first films, he pointed the camera towards his own life, but later turned it around and has now become somewhat of an urban anthropologist. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he is one of the most notable filmmakers in the country.