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TIFF 2019 14-20 January



January 14-20 2019

Program 2018

THE PROSTITUTE is a social drama that in a somewhat naive, but still quite funny way depicts prostitution as one of society’s biggest challenges. The stories of three different women are intertwined in an attempt to show the audience the “proper” way out of their lifestyles.  Our main character is Nadesjda, who loses her husband in an accident. She becomes a single parent with two children, one of them very ill. The circumstances force her to work with an unsympathetic and shameless butcher – who forces her into prostitution. THE PROSTITUTE is the very first film produced in Belarus.

This screening is the premiere performance of TIFF’s annual silent film concert project. Through the entire festival week musicians from Norway and Russia work together in the studio, composing new music to this exciting example of Soviet propaganda. The project is supported by Barentskult.

Note: Tickets to this screening can only be purchased with credit/debit card or cash, not TIFF value cards. Price: NOK 250,- 


Jon-Eirik Boska (NO)
Electronica, percussion, Musical Director
Jon-Eirik Boska grew up by the mountains of Volda, and daily experiences pangs of nostalgia when encountering hints of nature in his new urban home in Berlin. He studied the performing arts in the cultural city of Tromsø, where techno has found an unlikely home north of the Arctic Circle. He is an electronic music producer with his own project Boska and has made commissioned pieces such as “Krom” with Njål Paulsberg for the Ekko Festival, and music for NAIL IN THE BOOT for the Tromsø International Film Festival in 2013.

Anna Spiridonova (RU)
Violin, bass-guitar, vocals
Anna Spiridonova was born in Arkhangelsk and studied music at the Petrozavodsk State Conservatory. Today she plays the violin in the Arkhangelsk Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. As a singer, Anna likes to explore new horizons and styles and, both classical and pop. In 2017, she took part in the "Bass Maniacs Party" festival where she made her debut as a bass-guitar player. Anna also collaborates with Arkhangelsk street musicians, attracting interest to her art from a wider public audience.

Elina Waage Mikalsen (NO)
Electronica, vocals
Her Norwegian and Sami identity is at the center of Elina Waage Mikalsen’s work as a musician. She explores issues of identity, exclusion and alienation seen as part of the larger structures of society, looking to broaden our ideas about what being human today, and in the future should be like. In 2015 Elina was the Young Artist of the Year at the Riddu Riđđu indigenous culture festival. She is currently involved in three musical projects, Golbma Jiena, Blood Forest Family and Juicy Máihlái.

Evelina Petrova (RU)
Accordion, vocals
Evelina Petrova was born in an industrial city close to St. Petersburg. She graduated from the St. Petersburg State Conservatory in 2002. Later she attended a master program at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. Evelina mixes Russian folk music, classical music an avant-garde improvisation in her playing. She has performed live in France, Canada, Belgium, Slovenia, Finland and Norway, as a solo artist and as part of different collaborations. Although she performs sitting down, her stage appearance is like a dance. She swings and sways and the accordion hops and leaps in her hands – almost like in a shamanistic ritual.

Orginal title: 
Oleg Frelikh
Noi Galkin, Elisaveta Demidovich
N. Winkler
Vera Orlova, Vasiliy Jaroslavtsev, Elisaveta Yarosh, Olga Bonus, Ivan Lagutin
Run time: 
1 hour 19 min
Soviet Union and
Gosfilmofond RF
Age rating: 
Director info: 

Oleg Frelikh (1877 – 1953) was born in Moscow. He is primarily known as an actor from the silent film era, and his last onscreen performance was as late as 1950. THE PROSTITUTE was his directorial debut, and he later went on to direct the film TKVARCHELLI (1931), which is now considered to be lost.