GOLDEN DAWN GIRLS | Tromsø International Film Festival

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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 13-19 2020

Program 2018


Is truth in the eye of the beholder? This Norwegian documentary follows the ultranationalist, far-right political party Golden Dawn through a period of political unrest in Greece. All their representatives in the national assembly were imprisoned in 2012 over accusations of running a criminal organization, only to have the party emerge as the third largest in the country in the elections three years later. These extraordinary times also see an unusual turn of events, were three women step up and take the place in the political limelight of the men in prison. A daughter, a wife, a mother – all suddenly becoming a driving force in the party’s ascent towards power.

Focus keeps shifting between everyday conversation, and the extraordinary events we witness in Greek politics. While this plays out, the director seeks to find the real person behind the mask while having quite open conversations with the three women. But the subject proves elusive – how to make them admit that the movement they are part of is in fact Nazism in another guise?

Introduction with director present at both screenings (Thursday in Fokus 2).

Håvard Bustnes
Run time: 
1 hour 35 min
Denmark and
Christian Falch
Faction Film
Age rating: 
Director info: 

Håvard Bustnes (b. 1973) lived in Tromsø until the age of eight. He has made several award-winning documentaries. BIG JOHN (2008) won several awards, including the Amanda Documentary Award, Nordisk Panorama Documentary Award, and the Crystal Heart Award.