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TIFF 2019 14.-20. januar



14.-20. januar 2019

Program 2018


How do we behave at memorials and on historical ground? Director Sergei Loznitsa offers us an insight into collective behavior, with help from observing film cameras. Tons of tourists pour in and out of the camera viewfinder. They are visiting the former concentration camps Dachau and Sachsenhausen. The cold, mechanical camera eye doesn’t judge or interpret. It’s up to us – the viewers – to understand what the tourists are looking for and thinking about. Is their behavior appropriate for memorial sites like this?

In AUSTERLITZ, past and present are merged naturally.  We are aware of the genocide that happened in the camps. Today the sites are crowded with tourists using smartphone cameras and audio guides. AUSTERLITZ is also a film about looking: We look at the tourists. They look at the remains of the camps. What are we all looking for?

Sergei Loznitsa
Sergey Loznitsa
Sergey Loznitsa, Jesse Mazuch
Run time: 
1 hour 34 min
Sergey Loznitsa
Imperativ Film Berlin
Age rating: 
Director info: 

Filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa (b. 1964) was born in Belarus (former USSR), but grew up in Kiev in Ukraine, and currently lives in Germany. He has studied various subjects and has worked as a scientist at the Kiev Institute of Cybernetics. He graduated from the Russian state film school VGIK in 1997, and has been making documentary films since 1996. His films IN THE FOG, MAIDAN and THE EVENT has shown at previous editions of TIFF.