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TIFF 2019 14.-20. januar



14.-20. januar 2019

Program 2018


Amy Winehouse burst onto the global stage as the most gifted jazz and soul singer of her generation, and she enjoyed enormous success for a few turbulent years. Recording only two full albums, she quickly spiraled downwards through a fatal mix of substance abuse, unhealthy relationships and a failure to handle her life as a celebrity.

And yet, despite telling so tragic a story, this documentary manages to let her musical talent shine in almost every scene. Director Asif Kapadia has assembled a montage that chronicles these turbulent years in minute detail, and the audience must wonder at the fact that such plentiful and intimate footage exists of her every moment. It is hard not to be touched by both her music, and the tragic fate that ended a remarkable career much too soon.

Introduction with director present at the screening on Friday.

Asif Kapadia
Rafael Bettega, Jake Clennell, Ernesto Herrmann
Run time: 
2 hours 8 min
Paul Bell, James Gay-Rees
Norsk Filmdistribusjon
Age rating: 
Director info: 

Asif Kapadia (b.1972) is a British director with a distinct visual style. He has received several BAFTA Awards, and with AMY he won the 2016 Academy Award for best feature length documentary. Kapadia has presented two of his previous films at TIFF – THE WARRIOR (2003) and FAR NORTH (2008).