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TIFF 2019 14-20 January



January 14-20 2019

Program 2014

In Paris, right close to the Eiffel Tower, lies the white building of the French broadcaster Radio France. Here, a staff of journalists, technicians and administrators work every day to improve the quality of public radio broadcasting. LA MAISON DE LA RADIO follows these dedicated professionals in all facets of their work, with the sober and attentive approach that has become Nicolas Philibert's trademark as a director.

In a time where media institutions often are measured solely in terms of economic output, this film shows us an altogether different mentality, It conveys a media based on sound into living images. And proves that quality never goes out of style.

Nicolas Philibert
Katell Djian
Run time: 
1 hour 43 min
France and
Serge Lalou
Les Films du Losange
Director info: 

Nicolas Philibert (f. 1951) is regarded as a leading documentary filmmaker in France and beyond. His films have an unmistakenly humanistic character and often deal with the relationship between individuals and society. His breakthrough as a filmmaker was TO BE AND TO HAVE, which screened in cinemas in more than forty countries.