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TIFF 2019 14.-20. januar



14.-20. januar 2019

Program 2014

BIG MEN looks into the business of the small Dallas-based oil company Kosmos Energy. In 2007, they discovered oil outside of Ghana, a small and impoverished republic in West Africa. What followed was a twisting tale of greed and deception. Between 2007 and 2011, with full access to the powerful players in Ghana's government and Kosmos, the film crew documented the race for the black gold. The film also introduces a militant gang in nearby Nigeria, trying to get their share of the country's oil revenue. Nigerian oil reserves have caused a cycle of exploitation with little benefit to the country itself. Will Ghana follow the same destructive path?

This film lets you eavesdrop on meetings about oil deals worth billions of dollars and watch armed militants preparing to strike. A remarkable documentary that poses a highly topical question: who should profit from the world's natural resources?

Rachel Boynton
Rachel Boynton
Jonathan Furmanski
Run time: 
1 hour 39 min
Rachel Boynton
Boynton Films
Director info: 

Rachel Boynton is an American director, producer and cinematographer. She is best known for her feature-length documentary OUR BRAND IS CRISIS about U.S. political strategists and their influence on the 2002 presidential election in Bolivia. It won several awards and was screened in film festivals around the world.