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TIFF 2019 14.-20. januar



14.-20. januar 2019


Norges Råfisklag

The Norwegian seafood industry is one of the country’s largest and most important export industries. The industry has a proud history and a fantastic future. The Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Organization (Norges Råfisklag) is an important part of this success story. The organization handles important national functions within the trade of seafood, and shall safeguard fishermen’s incomes and contribute to a sustainable and profitable growth in the Norwegian fishing industry.

About the Organization

Norges Råfisklag is the fishermen’s own sales organization and it operates a well-functioning and modern marketplace for sustainable, wild-caught Norwegian seafood. The organization has a well-developed service directly related to trading, sales, payments and quality assurance.

The organization organizes and arranges the sale of fish, shellfish and molluscs landed along the Norwegian coast from Nordmøre in the southwest to Finnmark in the northeast. The most important species are cod, coalfish, haddock and shrimps/prawns. Fishing is carried out along the Norwegian coast, in the Barents Sea and around Spitsbergen.

An important premise of the organization is to ensure that the ocean’s resources are utilized in a sustainable manner and to achieve a profitable growth across the entire fishing industry. Ensuring the stability, fishermen and the coastal communities is a social responsibility that the Norwegian Fishermen´s Sales Organization takes seriously.



Tromsø is a wonderful city, and Tromsø International Film Festival puts its mark on our city in the midst of the darkest period of the year-

As part of the local construction industry, and with great love for the city, we are proud to be a partner of TIFF, and happy to contribute to a great festival in Tromsø.

TotalRenovering is a multi-disciplinary crafts company, and our breadth gives you a complete solution for your projects.

With more than 170 employees, we have carpenters, plumbers, painters, masons, tilers and landscapers who all work towards the same goal - satisfied customers!
We draw, plan and carry out your housing flow from A to Z.

Contact us and we will be happy to make the plans with you!

Mydland AS

Mydland is a proud partner of TIFF2014. This year you can buy our famous Mydland-sausage in the Rocket kiosk near Kulturhuset. Enjoy!


TIFF and Telenor has been cooperating since 2006. Telenor provides the festival's mobile phone services during the festival. Telenor is one of the world's fastest growing mobile phone operators. Telenor is also the biggest distributor of TV services in Norden (The Nordic Countries). The company is divided into three business areas; cell phone enterprise in 12 countries, landline phones- and television services in Norden. Telenor's main offices are in Norway, and they are stock listed on Oslo Børs.


Ishavskraft is a proud partner of TIFF 2014!

Ishavskraft is our region's largest power supplier, indirectly owned by the people of the two northernmost counties. The company sells renewable energy to businesses and private clients throughout the country. Ishavskraft also manage concessional power supply for a number of local and regional authorities, and assists their customers to use energy more efficiently.

The company has won the National Customer Service Price for two consecutive years, and has also initiated the development of a national infrastructure for fast charging of electric vehicles. Ishavskraft is a socially engaged and a visible provider of innovative energy solutions, with a strong commitment to the environment.

The north norwegian film centre

The north norwegian film centre is a facility for film production in northern Norway within developing and production of short- and documentary films.

Our target group is the professional part of the film industry in the three northernmost countys. We also have a responsibility for work directed towards young talents. NNFS is Norways oldest regional film centre, and was established as an AS in 1981, the administration office is in Tromsø.

Tank Design

Tank Design was established in 1999 and has had a steady growth since the beginning. Today Tank has offices both in Tromsø and Oslo, and 18 staff members. The agency's goal is to be the best company to understand and meet the customer's needs for visual communications. Tank Design focuses on quality, creativity and long-term collaborative relationships. The main task is to assist its clients in communicating their values and policies in order to increase their value and reputation.
Tank has been collaborating with TIFF since 2007, and has since provided the festival's visual identity and design on all printed materials, merchandise and website for the Tromsø International Film Festival.

Diode AS

Diode AS er et 100% eid Tromsø selskap med et nasjonalt kundenettverk. Vårt fokus har alltid vært kompetanse, kvalitet, sikkerhet og forutsigbarhet. Vi er hele tiden på jakt etter ny teknologi og kompetanse som kan hjelpe våre kunder til å få et konkurransefortrinn ovenfor sine konkurrenter. I 2018 tar vi steget videre og blir ISO sertifisert for kvalitetssystemer og IT sikkerhet. Med egne datasenter i Troms leverer vi kortreist data av høy kvalitet.


Ramsalt Lab is a web agency specializing in Drupal, a market leading open source CMS.

Our vision is to help our customers reach their goals on the web. Ramsalt Lab delivers everything from conceptualization, solution design, usability, publishing solution, search engine optimization and a social media strategy, tailored to the customer needs. We do not work for our customer, but together with our customer in order for them to achieve the best results.

Ramsalt Lab is ambassadors for open source software and we actively participate in open-source networks where we contribute to ensuring quality and code to projects and solutions we ourselves use. Our development methods and best-practice are shared with the community in open seminars in our offices, courses and conferences internationally, and our code is published to the open software community.

White House, Amnesty International, Sony Music, MTV, The Economist and the UN are among the organizations that use Drupal. Ramsalt Lab is the leading Drupal company in Norway.

Clarion Hotel The Edge

Clarion Hotel The Edge is the official festival hotel and industry café during Tromsø International Film Festival.

The Edge opened 01.May 2014, and is Tromsø's largest congress and conference hotel. With the splendid restaurant Kitchen & Table Tromsø, The Edge is natural cultural focal point in the "Paris of the north". You can find the hotel right down on the waterfront in downtown Tromsø, with its innovative architecture reflecting off the water surface. From the hotel you can see the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun, Tromsø's cultural scene and the distinctive northern Norwegian nature. The Edge is a vibrant meeting place in town, and the 11th floor there is a hidden gem; Tromsø's only skybar!

During the festival the hotel is filled with guests, volunteers, staff and industry from TIFF, and this is the place to go if you have any questions during TIFF.

Coop North

Coop North runs 68 stores and outlets in 24 municipalities in Troms and Nordland counties. We are the market leader on groceries in several of the municipalities. We have the following main store concepts: Coop Extra, Coop Prix, Coop Mega, Coop Marked, Coop Obs! Hypermarked, Coop Obs! Bygg and Coop Byggmix. Coop North is a cooperatation and is owned by its more than 81,000 members. Our members earn a 2 per cent bonus on all purchases made in our stores. We also offer many other member benefits closely described on www.coop.no. Coop North has more than 1,000 employees and is one of the region’s largest employers. In 2011 we had a turnover of approximately 2.69 billion NOK. Coop North also owns the shopping malls Jekta Storsenter in Tromsø, Sjøkanten in Harstad, Støa at Lyngseidet, Lofotsenteret at Leknes and the Domus centres at Andselv, Setermoen, Finnsnes and in Narvik. Welcome to a pleasant shopping in one of our stores! Do you want to become a member? Sign up at www.coop.no or at your nearest store today!


TIFF rents cars from Biltrend for transportation of films, equipment and people before and during the festival. Biltrend is located on the mainland, 2 km south of the Tromsø Bridge, and is the dealer of Hyundai, Mazda, Ford and Yamaha. In addition to new cars, Biltrend also sell used cars, motor bikes, snowmobiles, boats etc. We are connected to Sixt Bilutleie and can offer rental cars for a favourable price.


Mack Brewery is the world’s northernmost brewery and has been the pride of Northern Norway for over 135 years. In 2012, Mack opened Norway’s most modern and environment-friendly brewery in neighbouring Balsfjord, and the old production plant in Tromsø now houses Ludwig Mack Brygghus.

The old cellars from 1877 tell the history of the brewery, and at Ølhallen (the traditional beer bar) you can still savour a wide variety of beers from the brewery’s own production. In Kjeller 5 (Cellar no. 5) there is a gift shop with our exciting products and other gift packages.

Ludwig Mack Brygghus offers unique experiences and welcoming hosts.


Hålogaland Teater

Hålogaland Teater is Tromsø and Northern Norway’s regional theatre. The vision for the theatre is to push limits and be close and available for its audience. Northern Norway’s oldest theatre is located in beautiful surroundings near the seaside of Tromsø city centre. Vulkan Arkitekter AS designed the beautiful building in 2005, in consistence with the theatre’s needs and wishes. It is a striking theater house which emphasizes art and the experience. Hålogaland Teater welcomes the audience of Tromsø International Film Festival to film screening and innovative theatre.

Norges arktiske studentskipnad

Norway's arctic student union is a proud partner of TIFF 2014!

Norway's Arctic student union (SiTø) is a welfare organization for students at the University of Tromsø, Norway's arctic University (UiT). SiTø has 300 employees. Through the offer of housing, kindergartens, restaurants, bookstore, counseling, sports and student, SiTø helps students in Tromsø, Alta, Hammerfest and Svalbard get a good student experience .

Jekta Storsenter

Jekta Storsenter is one of the biggest and finest shopping centers in Tromsø, and the largest in North Norway. Jekta has over 130 stores and 65,000 square meters of shopping!

Here you can find everything from clothing, interior, medical, chiropractors, liquor and other exciting retail concepts that are not found elsewhere in Tromsø. Along with unique specialty shops with regional products, there is an excellent retail mix.

You can always find what you need at Jekta Shopping Centre, there is free parking, great bus links and only five minutes from the airport.

AT Plan & Arkitektur AS

We have offices in Tromsø and Oslo, and are 25 architects. Our customers are mainly property developers and contractors who build homes and commercial buildings. We also plan public buildings such as student housing, schools and health care facilities. Our services include early stage, regulation and construction planning.

We manufacture robust architectural solutions based on knowledge of functionality, economy and public framework. The interaction with our customers in the development of the project is considered essential in order to succeed in creating good projects.

We provide consultancy within project development and early phases, as well as regulatory work with firsthand knowledge of public frameworks, regeneration processes and technical production. With us, you are taking care of the need for a predictable and efficient planning process that results in flexible and robust regulatory plans.