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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 18-24 2021

TIFF sidebars 1-2-3

One of the films in the @TIFFMARTHA PRESENTS side program is HIPSTERS.
In this year's selected side programs there are great contrasts between the themes - something for every taste.
In this year's specially curated sidebars there are great contrasts between the themes - something for every taste.

Whether you want to gore and zombies, a deep dive into cross-border culture and politics or quality films from the Barents region, you can immerse yourself in any of our side programs and find something that suits you.

One of this year's side program is @TIFFMARTHA PRESENTS: the side program where former festival manager Martha Otte has selected the films. There is a good story attached to each of the films and a bit like "behind the scenes" history that has given these films a very special place in the heart of @tiffmartha: Stories from her 21 years at Tromsø International Film Festivals service. The stories will be told as an introduction to the film. You can find the full movie overview of the @TIFFMARTHA PRESENTS site program here.

In the film program FILMS FROM NORTH you will be served a good portion of films from the northern region (as well as Canada, Alaska and Greenland), including Iceland which is part of Film from the North for the first time this year! In this site program, you can see short, - documentary, - and feature films produced in, or associated with, the Barents region and circumpolar areas. You can find the full movie overview of the film program FILM FROM NORD here.

HORIZON EAST is the side programs that focus on our neighboring countries in the east and the political debate and changes in changing times. The aim of the films is to promote cultural exchange and strengthen the ties across national borders. HORIZON EAST showcases the films that rarely reach Norwegian cinemas, giving you the opportunity to have a unique cinematic experience. You can find the full movie overview of the HORISONT EAST side program here.

In 2020, it is six years since EuroMaidan and Ukraine's "revolution of dignity" followed by Russia's annexation of Crimea, but Ukraine has been in continuous crisis mode for many years. From "post-Chernobyl" to "post-Soviet" to "post-orange revolution-which-did-not-become", and now "post-Maidan". The labels have been about what has been, not about what can be. HORIZON EAST: UKRAINE presents 6 films, the only common denominator being the tough-in-the-face factor, impressive talent and craftsmanship as well as an overwhelming dose of originality. You can find the full movie overview of the HORISONT EAST: UKRAINE site program here.

If you are looking for the typical TIFF films, you should look at the HORIZONS side program, which features the best of Norwegian and international film festivals, and awards quality films on their way into Norwegian cinema distribution. Wide selection of genres and good geographical distribution (this year we have for the first time a film from Bhutan) - with quality as the only criterion. You can find the full movie overview of the HORISONTER side program here.

If you want a pulse during the movie viewing, the OVERDRIVE side program may be the right choice. OVERDRIVE is a little tougher, a little sicker and a little more absurd. The possibility of splashing is definitely present, so you need to get a good fit in the seat. A zombie or two (maybe three) may suddenly appear. You can find the full movie overview of the OVERDRIVE site program here.

The ACTIVISM NOW! is a tribute to activists who fight - sometimes with life as an effort - to make the world more fair, sustainable and humane. Determination and courage, as well as belief in a cause, can sometimes lead to greater change than a major political machinery and bureaucracy manages to create, whether it be a grassroots movement or an individual. This program is our way of thanking all the people who have fought many of the rights we enjoy today. We have also invited four activists, including Mads Gilbert, to choose films that have engaged them. You can find the full movie overview of the ACTIVISM NOW! here.

THE COMPETITION PROGRAM is twelve artistic and ambitious films. All of the twelve films have a Norwegian premiere at #TIFF20. If you only could see a few films, you should start with this program: the competition films are TIFF's best films. You can find the complete overview of the COMPETITION PROGRAM here.