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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 18-24 2021

See these film screening for free at #TIFF20

«Romance» will be free at the outside cinema
TIFF has free screenings at the outdoor, winter cinema throughout the festival: four films are about nature, climate and skiing.
Student with no money to spend under #TIFF20? Here's a guide to what movies you can watch for free at the outdoor, winter cinema.

The outdoor cinema on Storgata shows several films - we give you a small summary of what you can see completely free, with the fjord and mountains framing the cinema screen.

«ROMANCE» a love letter to skiing, nature and people who challenge themselves. Get ready for spectacular scenes - at the outdoor, winter cinema in Tromsø overlooking some of the most spectacular mountains on the perimeter. Level 1 has since 1999 produced yearly, distinctive ski films. ROMANCE is what they call their last chapter. Drivers: Lucas Steel Madison, Laurent De Martin, Sämi Ortlieb, Chris Logan, Parker WhiteKeegan Kilbride, KC Deane, Wiley Miller, et al.

«ROMANCE» was chosen by 14-year-old ski enthusiast Isak Lorenzo Hammer Stien. «This is the ski movie that has it all - snow powder, street and park, with both ski legends and young talents. These are people I look up to and that inspire me to try new tricks. »

«ROMANCE»: friday at 7 p.m. 

«ICE ON FIRE» is the document where the committed climate enthusiast Leonardo DiCaprio is a producer. The focus is on research on global climate change and greenhouse gas emissions and on some of the new technologies that can help solve the climate crisis. Researchers from UiT Norway's Arctic University Center for Outstanding Research play a key role in the documentary, which received its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2019, received standing ovation from the audience.

«ICE ON FIRE»: wednesday at 5 p.m. 

«POLYPHONATURA» Have you ever thought about how the soundscape of the movie is produced? In POLYFONATURA, we follow sound artist Eirik Havnes's most ambitious project ever: sounds and music made entirely in nature. The result: a symphonic work with Norwegian nature as its orchestra. After the film, Eirik Havnes will have an element of slam poetry, also based on sounds from nature.

«POLYPHONATURA»: thursday at 7 p.m. 


«ICE EDGE»: Can You Make Surfboards Of Ice? In the short film «ICE EDGE» we follow the process of freezing the boards, shaping them and getting them out into the sea. Not everything goes as expected: the boards are smooth and melt relatively quickly. When will the perfect wave come - and will they have the opportunity to use the ice floe as a surfboard?

«ENDLESS WINTER 3» Nikolai Schirmer from Tromsø has made a living by combining professional skiing and film. In search of the best mountain, the finest snow and the most challenging skiing terrain, it requires a lot of travel - how to travel, but at the same time preserve the environment and the cold, good winter? In 2019, he set himself a goal: the goal is to keep cutting CO2 emissions from the level of a professional skier (40 tonnes per year) to the level of the "man in the street".

«ARTIC LIFESTYLE. SKI AND SURF»: wednesday at 7 p.m.


«THE PROPOSAL»: aboard a boat in the middle of the sea, Joachim goes down on his knees and leaves Toril, the woman of his life. Toril, in turn, has a rather different view of their relationship.

«THE ART OF WORKING IN PAIRS»: Louise and Henrik are two aging professional circus acrobats, constantly in search of developing their art form. But how long can they keep going as they get older and when they become parents for the first time?

«REMEMBER THAT LIFE GOES - KRÅKESØLV»: life and the big questions summed up in four minutes in a perfect symbiosis between Kråkesølv's song and Isak Gjertsen's animations.

«THE INFECTION»: Krister and Kristina's marriage is in crisis. All the petty quarrels in everyday life have dissolved their relationship. They go to couples therapy, but it may be too late to cure the infection that is about to tear them apart.

«FFN WINTER CINEMA: BETWEEN US»: tuesday at 7 p.m.

The outdoor cinema also features the movie classic «AMAZING GRACE - PART 1», «AMAZING GRACE - PART 2» and  «JIKŊON 2 (FROST 2)».  «JIKŊON 2 / FROST 2» has sami dialogue and Norwegian subtitles.