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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 18-24 2021

Information about tickets

Do you have questions about tickets? This article might help you.

Where can I buy tickets? You can buy tickets from Monday, January 6 at. 08:00 pm at Kulturhuset (obs. New place this year) and from 12:00 pm on our website. Check out here.

We have a new ticket system this year that will provide a better shopping experience, as well as provide greater functional security. The new system is very well suited to do everything electronically, and value cards purchased online are the best and certainly easiest to just have online, whether you buy the tickets online or in the ticket booth. We therefore encourage everyone to show their tickets electronically via their mobile phone, instead of physically taking them out.

How to buy my tickets using a voucher / gift card? Click on the ticket link from TIFF's website at or search for the right arrangement on this website. This will only be available for purchase on Monday, January 6. When you enter the event you want to buy at, enter the promo code you have been given to get the right ticket option (see picture for example). If you are not sure which promo code you have, you can find it in the PDF you received when you bought the value card or on the card you received if you bought it over the counter.

Ex. If you have value card 2 then your promo code is: value card2. If you have earlybird 12, the promo code is your earlybird12.

Once you have used the code, a ticket option will appear that corresponds to your value card. Choose the number of tickets you want in this ticket category. The price corresponds to a clip on that card. Double check that you have selected the right ticket category for your voucher before ordering. When you have made your choice, press order. Fill in information and select payment method, or add to cart to select more movies. If you have a value card, press select gift card and enter the reference code you have been sent (see picture).

You will receive your tickets by email. We recommend saving the environment by downloading TicketCo Wallet on the App Store or Google Play. There you can buy and store your tickets on the phone, which you then show in the door of the display. Alternatively, you can print your tickets at home and show in the door.

PS. If you are a festival friend, you have already received info about advance sales. Disregard the instructions below when buying for advance sale.

How much does one movie ticket cost? NOK 120.

Do you have student prices on tickets? Yes, for some of the special screenings: the film conserts. Student tickets cost NOK 200. For the films we have the package young25/student. It is a value card with 2 tickets, and bracelets for NOK 240. UiT, the Arctic University of Norway, and Studentsamfunnet Driv (the student house) have a film screening which is free for students.

How do I present my tickets electronically? Download TicketCo Wallet in the App Store or Google Play. There you can buy and store your tickets on the phone, which you then show in the door of the display. Alternatively, you can print your tickets at home and show in the door.

Festival certificate (bracelet)? In order to access TIFF's impressions, you have to present festival proofs (bracelets) at the entrance to the shows. The festival voucher costs NOK 150, and can be purchased at the info desk, ticket hatch or ticket sales at all viewing locations. We have no limit on the number of festival tickets, so we will not run out. You do not need the festival ticket to buy the tickets, only you have it on when you go into the hall.

Value Card? This year, we sell value cards with the value of 12, 22 and 30 discounted tickets for TIFF 2020. We recommend buying 30 clips where you can share this with a friend, for example. To access the discount that the credit card provides, be sure to choose the right price category when purchasing your tickets online. The price category is made available by using the promo code on the card. Buy value cards here.

Coop TIFF-bracelet? This is sold in some selected areas such as Prix Kysten's house, Prix at Hålogaland Theater, Extra in Grønnegata and the information desk at Obs. NB! These tapes may be sold out.

Do you have questions? Contact us at or +47 922 00 754 if you want to get in touch with the ticket department.

Other questions, please check out here