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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 18-24 2021

Film tips from the TIFF staff

TIFF-staff shares their best film tips.
Wondering what movies to watch at the festival? The TIFF staff have recommended some of their personal favorit films.
Wondering what movies to watch at the festival? The TIFF staff has recommended some of their personal favorit films.


On Friday, January 3, several of #TIFF20's films were presented and discussed at the program presentation. On Monday, January 6, the tickets for the various movie screenings will be released - here you'll find the full schedule for #TIFF20.

To help you get started on creating your personal festival calendar, we've put together some of the TIFF staff's personal film tips.

Sveinung, manager Verdensteatret: «LYSET FRA SJOKOLADEFABRIKKEN» (norwegian film). «Dag Johan Haugerud was recently cinematic with «BARNA»- in this new short film several of the same actors reappear. A woman struggles with the conscience after her mother's death, and through the film, receives sweeping feedback from her friends. «LYSET FRA SJOKOLADEFABRIKKEN» is a musical film about responsibility and morality. And - as always under Haugerud's direction - it is of course very fun.»

Martha, program director: «VALLEY OF SOULS». «Tragic and beautiful. Totally immersive. A story of all-encompassing greif of a father who has lost two sons of the brutal paramilitary forces.»

Lisa, festival director TIFF: «LES MISERABLES». «High-profile film about police, youth and gangs fighting for control in a neighborhood in Paris. A movie about how difficult it can be to make choices in a hopeless situation. ”

Isak and Magnus, student at Breivika VGS: «GRIZZLIES». «I recommend «GRIZZLIES» because it's a nice movie, showing what the community looks like in that village (Kugluktuk). The film shows how much sports and social cohesion can mean for a small town.»

Henning, sssistant program manager: «ATLANTIS». «The film is added to a war-ravaged Ukraine where an ex-soldier starts working for a relief organization. Hits at all points: Challenging, strong and hypnotically beautiful. A dark fable that gradually let the light and hoped in.»

John-Kristian, program director Films From The North: «ALT SOM KUNNE HA VÆRT» (norwegian film). «ALT SOM KUNNE HA VÆRT» is a documentary about Magnus Elisassen, known from Circus Eliassen, who isolated himself in the ocean gap in Lofoten to write new music. The film is both entertaining and thoughtful, with beautiful photos. A must watch. »

Ronny Bratten, katalog writer: «PARASITT» perhaps one of the best films of the decade? South Korean movie about a family with lovable scoundrels on a class trip in a rich man's home with hidden surprises. Got the Golden Globe, guessing it will be Oscar as well.»

Ingrid Stensen, project coordinator children and youth: «JEUNE JULIETTE». Director Anne Edmond has made a semi-autobiographical film about how it's like to be a teenager who is beyond the norm. Jeune Juliette is a vulnerable, hopeful and funny "coming of age" movie. A star worth watching.»

Kjetil, Overdrive enthusiast: «WILD ZERO» is the overdrive movie of all the overdrive movies. My dearest TIFF moment was watching WILD ZERO as a night show in 2005, along with an enthusiastic, though somewhat confused, movie audience. The film came out unscripted, which surprisingly made the movie experience even better. Lock n 'lol!»

Isak, choose the film «ROMANCE»: This is the ski movie that has it all - snow powder, street and park, with both ski legends and young talents. These are people I look up to and that inspire me to try new tricks. »

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