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TIFF 2019 14-20 January



January 14-20 2019

- We are very pleased that Gaspar Noé guests this year's TIFF. Noé is known as a provocateur, but is also a great film artist, and with CLIMAX he appears to reach a wider audience than usual, says head of Verdensteatret cinematek Sveinung Wålengen.

- It's enormously gratifying. The film is of later years one of the most intense and seductive film experiences - even if it is ever so nightmarish.

– There are a lot of different expressions and themes. There has always been a great width in the festival, but there is even greater diversity in this year's festival than in previous years, says Deputy Program Director Henning Rosenlund. There has been a lot to choose from and easy to find great movies from 2018, as it has been a good film year. The problem has rather been what to opt out.

Five films all about young girls in their search for their own identity. The films offer exciting situations, where crossroads in life and questioning who determines your life, are some of the central themes.

- These are all films with compelling stories about youth that is appropriate for all ages, ranging from high school students to adults, says Festival Director Martha Otte.

The Hate U Give - Chillingly relevant

The film industry in the north is developing rapidly and is reflected in TIFF's biggest side program, Films from the North , which grows in both program size and film length. - Films from the North always offer a lot of variety, both in genre and style. It's a rich and diverse program that I think will both entertain, move and fascinate the audience, says John-Kristian Dalseth, program director.


Twenty-something Fiona and her autistic brother Tom live alone in an old house on an island off the north-western coast of Norway. In addition to taking care of her brother, she works on the local ferry, and in the evenings, she cultivates her passion for music. Tom’s passion is astronomy. His 18th birthday is coming up, and Fiona hopes to obtain a permanent place for Tom at an assisted living facility in the nearest town. She longs for personal freedom, but at the same time, it is painful to step out of her role as caregiver.


"Through a selection of urgently relevant films of recent years, TIFF wants to highlight features of Brazils political climate that reach far beyond the country's borders: Political Polarization, huge economic differences and distrust," says Deputy Program Director Henning Rosenlund.

-The program includes everything from drama of everyday life and bittersweet comedy, to political documentary, crime drama and biting (sic) satire.

Extreme polarization and a democracy in decay

Tromsø International Film Festival is an important meeting point for Norwegian and international film industry. The festival host a number of seminars and events for film professionals.

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The gift cards include a value card with 2, 12 or 22 tickets and a voucher for the festival wristband and crogram catalogue. The cards come in a gift folder and envelope. Regular ticket value cards for the festival are also for sale now. 

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Making a film festival is a lot of fun and takes a lot of work. That's why we every year need a team of eager and skilled volunteers to help us get the show on the road.

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In the film we follow 75-year-old Steinar. He lives in an isolated, frozen universe on Europe's northernmost tip of Finnmark, just one kilometer from the Norwegian border to Russia. Out here in the cold and rugged landscape, he finds freedom and tranquility. WHERE MAN RETURNS is a portrayal of the relationship between man and nature, and a life close to the elements.

Personal and universal, local and international


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