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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 18-24 2021

Often asked questions

Do you have any questions about TIFF? We might have the answer in this article.
Do you have any questions about TIFF, Tromsø International Film Festival? You might find the answer in this article.
Do you have any questions about TIFF, Tromsø International Film Festival? You might find the answer in this article.


How do I register as a volunteer at TIFF?

You can register as a volunteer by following this link. There are several tasks to choose from. Are you wondering what you want to work with? Send us an email at frivillig@tiff.no or on Facebook.

Where can I buy tickets for TIFF?

The tickets for selected special screenings are released before the regular movie screenings. Tickets for the remaining film screenings can either be purchased at the Kulturhuset (throughout the festival) or online: https://tiff.ticketco.events/no/nb. You can buy tickets for the remaining film screenings at Kulturhuset on January 6 from 8 am. The tickets will be available online from 12 am. The same day.

How much does one movie ticket cost?

NOK 120. Everyone who's going to a film screening at TIFF must have a bracelet for NOK 150 (incl. festival catalog).

Do you have student prices on tickets? Yes, for some of the special screenings: the film conserts. Student tickets cost NOK 200. For the films we have the package young25/student. It is a value card with 2 tickets, and bracelets for NOK 240. UiT, the Arctic University of Norway, and Studentsamfunnet Driv (the student house) have a film screening which is free for students.

Is there a shuttle bus to the film screenings?

Yes, Din Taxi is festivals shutle-buss. They drive between Kulturhuset, Studentsamfunnet Driv and Hålogaland Theater. There will also be a taxi-button, so you could order a taxi. We also have good bus connections to the various viewing venues. Download the app "Troms reise" to plan and get an overview of where the different buses go and when.

Do I have to buy a ticket to the film screenings at the outdoor cinema?

No, all outdoor film screenings are free.

Can I share the value card with someone else?

The value card is not personal and you can share a card with a friend. We strongly encourage to share the 30-card value card with others. It's also possible to withdraw multiple tickets for the same movie with one value card. Unused clips are not refundable.

Can I get a refund for unused tickets?

Purchased movie tickets are not refundable.

Are the promo code and reference code for the value cards the same?

No. You use the promo code to access the discount code the value card provides. The reference code is the code you must enter in order to use the value card.