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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 13-19 2020


A selection of short films from TIFFs Films from the North program is headed to Russia for a cinema tour in the end of September.


Tromsø International Film Festival has for many years travelled to Russia to present silent film concerts as well as short films from the Barents region. The latter is now set to take place, with a tour visiting nine different cities over ten days from September 20th to the 30th.

The program this year is entitled CROSSING THE LINE and consists of four films. Three have been screened in TIFFs Films from the North program in 2017 and 2018, while one is this year's Amanda award winner for best short film. The films are very different, both in genre and story, but all have a common theme of neighbours and encounters between people who are close, but yet far away from each other. About lines being crossed, both geographically and emotionally.

The films are NEIGHBOURS by Trond Kvig Andreassen, MOBILE by Truls Krane Meby, THE COMMITTEE by Gunhild Enger and Jenni Toivoniemi and NO MAN IS AN ISLAND by Ali Parandian.

Directors Ali Parandian and Trond Kvig Andreassen will participate on the tour to present the films and meet the audiences in all cities.

This is the schedule for the tour:

20. september - Petrozavodsk, Kalevala kino

21. september - Severodvinsk, Rossia kino

22. september - Arkhangelsk, Rus kino

23. september - Moscow, Tretjakov Gallery kino

24. september - Jaroslavl, Neft kinoklubben

25. september - Ivanovo, Lodz kino

27. september - Apatity, Poljarniy kino

28. september - Murmansk, Murmansk kino

29. and 30. september - St. Petersburg, Rodina kino

For information about the tour on Russian, click here.

The tour is supported by Barentskult and the North Norwegian Film Center.