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TIFF 2019 14-20 January



January 14-20 2019

Films from the North bigger than ever

From BACKBONE (2019) by Eilif Bremer Landsend.
Identity and belonging is a theme that runs through this year's Films from the North program, which is characterized by new voices and veterans.

The film industry in the north is developing rapidly and is reflected in TIFF's biggest side program, Films from the North , which grows in both program size and film length. - Films from the North always offer a lot of variety, both in genre and style. It's a rich and diverse program that I think will both entertain, move and fascinate the audience, says John-Kristian Dalseth, program director.

- There's a substantial difference in both age and experience among the film makers in this year's program. There are a lot of new and exciting voices, but also new films from several of the veterans in the industry.

Expands with feature films

In line with the development of the regional film industry, feature films are for the first time part of this year's program.

- It's enriching and provides an additional dimention to the program. Earlier we haven't been able to consider films longer than one hour, Dalseth says, making it very exciting to expand this year's Films from the North with five feature films from several countries.

THE  RAVEN  AND  THE  SEAGULL by the Danish artist and filmmaker Lasse Lau, about the complicated relationship between Greenland and Denmark, is one of the films Dalseth draws special attention to. The film breaks with the perspective of the postcolonial era in a recognizable and confirmatory way, and does so in a very humorous and emphatic manner.

However, the short- and documentary films will still be the bulk of Films from the North, and Dalseth can tell that the films in the competition are of high quality this year. Several of the films have their world premiere at TIFF and he's sure many of them will make their mark on several festivals both at home and abroad in the coming year. One of these is BACKBONE by Eilif Bremer Landsend, a filmmaker who's had both short- and feature films at TIFF before, and is according to the program director his most ambitious project so far.

No place like home

There's a significant local anchorage in this year's program, with several filmmakers from Tromsø and Northern Norway, and with a theme program called No Place Like Home. Furthermore, it is worth noting a large proportion of female filmmakers. One of these, Gørild Mauseth, makes her debut as director with LOVE IS.., after a long time working as an actress. The  film  has  been  developed  during  the  launch  of  the  documentary  KARENINA  &  I  (screened  at  TIFF  2017)  and  features  interviews  by  people  who  have  seen  the  film  who  all  received  the  same  three  questions:  Why  do  we  fall  in  love?  What  can  we  learn  from  love?  What  is  love?  The  result  is  honest  encounters  and  confessions  about  love.

See the program here.

Of a total of 130 registered films, 40 films are selected for this year's Film from the North program. 20 short- and documentary films are competing for the Tromsøpalmen award, while the feature films are not part of the competition. The program consists of films from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark, France, USA and Canada.

Tromsø International Film Festival is held for the 29th time from January 14 to 20, 2019.

This year's Films from the North opening film is REINDEER ISLAND by Fridtjof Kjæreng.