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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 18-24 2021

Films For The Future

We want your contribution! You can suggest short films related to the topic activism through our social media and website: some suggestions will be selected by our team and screened during this event at Driv. 

The reality of climate change has been looming over us for decades. In fact, as soon as the 1960s, scientists started warning that human emissions of greenhouse gases were causing global warming, a phenomenon which would have serious consequences in coming decades. But surprisingly, it is only recently that the majority of the scientific community and the general public have become concerned about the very real effects of climate change on our world. 

Starting from 2018 and inspired in large part by the charismatic Greta Thunberg and other local activists, the youth have taken to the streets to claim their rights for a healthy future. With the school strikes, baptized “Fridays for the Future”, the young generation has shown that activism can start at any age. 

Here in Tromsø, the youth and their adult allies have also been active in asking for concrete measures in favor of environmental protection. The Fridays for the Future have involved hundreds of school children, an Extinction Rebellion Arctic die-in took place in November 2019 at the Jekta shopping center, the Natur og Ungdom (Nature and Youth) group has organized demonstrations for the climate, and in May 2019 the Tromsø Municipality declared a climate emergency. 

Because climate change concerns all of us, TIFF invites you to a Special Event to meet local eco-activists, watch films related to the environment, and discuss potential solutions together. 

We also want your contribution! You can suggest short films (less than 20 minutes, available for free online) through our social media and website: some of your suggestions will be picked up by our team and screened during the event. 

Bring your kids, neighbors, lovers and friends! 

Driv Café
Thursday January 18 at 18:00

With: Marla Vita Gehrt (Natur og Ungdom), Sigurd Cottis Hoff (Fremtiden i våre hender), Olivia Moe-Jordan (Fridays for the Future), Ingrid Wiedmann (post-doc at UiT)

This event has been developed by Marion Bouvier in collaboration with Lisa Hoen, from an original idea of Martha Otte.