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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 13-19 2020

Media partners

Mediehuset iTromsø

Mediehuset iTromsø is new as a media partner for the film festival, starting with TIFF 2017.

iTromsø is an independent media company in Tromsø, and the newspaper was established 24.januar 1898. iTromsø has its own website edition, presenting local news and stories 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also publish a paper version six days a week, and have today grown into Northern Norway's fourth-largest news paper in circulation, and the region's third largest in number of daily readers.

iTromsø have taken an active role with presenting local culture, and have a clear strategy towards cultural involvement. This is important both for the city, for the region and for TIFF. iTromsø is a media partner with ambitions, and TIFF are proud of the new partnership.


Montages is a Norwegian online magazine about film. The magazine was launched 1st April in 2009, and the magazine wanted to realize their idea that the Norwegian film public needed a meeting place where film lovers in Norway are taken seriously and cultivated. Montages became a reality, and since its launch, the online magazine has grown and evolved into what it is today. 
In all its forms the film media is one of our ages most important cultural expressions, but the mention film in Norwegian media  is still often simplified and marginalized. Montages is an arena where we can bring passionate and knowledgeable conversations about film; a channel through which the medium of film is the focus, discussed and analyzed. Removed from tabloid interference or political considerations. On Montages the film, and the film alone, is a top priority. We ponder the place of passion for film. 
The content on Montages will maintain high academic standards, with a clear personal voice where interest in film or themes will be clear. We encourage readers to actively participate as contributors, through dedicated discussion on our sites, and in social media, where we have a distinct presence.

In sum Montages a meeting place, where conversations stimulate interest, film appreciation and passion - for all.