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TIFF 2020 13-19 January



January 18-24 2021

About TIFF

Tromsø International Film Festival is a popular film festival for our audience, and at the same time an important meeting point for Norwegian and international film industry. TIFF 2020 will be the 30th edition of the festival, taking place January 13-19.

The festival has had an incredible growth since it first commenced in 1991. The total of admissions in 1991 was 5200 - in 2019 it was 60501.

Tromsø International Film Festival screens challenging quality films for a local, national and international audience.

Outdoor Cinema
Tromsø International Film Festival is set in the dark polar nights, which give's TIFF the unique possibility to screen films outdoor. The outdoor cinema is located at the main square in the heart of Tromsø. The program includes a selection of shorts and documentaries from the Films from the North program, along with special screenings and various other events.

TIFF 2019 facts:
60501 admissions in total
10905 individual participants
1630 accreditated participants - including 111 media representatives and 263 volunteers
5 screening venues + outdoor cinema
The festival generates an amount of 26 million NOK into trade and business.*

* Marketing report from 2011 by Bedriftskompetanse AS.