TIFF 2018 15.-21. januar

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15.-21. januar 2018

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Seminar 2017


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Tuesday 17. January 12:00 Clarion Hotel The Edge

Some say that we´ve entered into the Experience Age of media and if so, what does it mean? With the rapid rise of new technologies in the form of VR/AR, the artful promise of immersive films and the ever-shifting waves of micro-content we share and consume on social media - all signs are pointing towards a media landscape that puts the viewer front and center to the experience. 

Film 2.0 invites you to explore these fascinating new waves, formats and ideas with guest speakers who have dared to venture into these new territories. What can we learn from their experience and how will these change the way we tell our stories?


Norwegian film and TV industry, creative industries

Innovation Norway
Tromsø International Film Festival

Tuesday Januay 17th at 12:00-16:00

Clarion Hotel The Edge


Welcome speech by the Director for Innovation Norway Arctic, Linda Beate Randal.

Christian Fonnesbech, Strategic Consultant for Nordisk Film Games, will be presenting his insights on the media evolution that is underway. His session will outline some of the fundamental change behind these new entertainment and art forms - and point a way forward for those who wish to embrace change.

Ragnar Tørnquist, Creative Director for Red Thread Games and one of the most critically acclaimed talents in Norwegian game development will be talking about the art of storytelling in games with a glimpse into two new exciting products, Draugen and Svalbard.

Björn Owen Glad, Marketing Manager for Spoon Digital Agency will present a case study for Nattvasan - a multiple award winning content marketing campaign that brought film, music and social media together to market Sweden´s first-ever night time ski race which was eventually sold-out in 90 seconds.   

Mirna Bellina, Film Artist and longtime collaborator for Vertical Cinema will be telling the story of how this niche of presenting film artwork in vertical orientation came to be and how it has managed to turn heads around the world.

Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg, dynamic Writer/Editor duo of the critically acclaimed short film Noah, and one of the finest example of the “desktop film” genre will be presenting their thoughts around the stories to be found between our everyday interaction with computer screens.    

Ivar Kjellmo, Associate Professor at Westerdals Oslo ACT, will be talking about how media institutions are focusing on developing a whole new generation of digital storytellers - particularly with the advent of VR.

Kristian Mosvold, Producer at Øya Films and currently in production on a VR film with acclaimed director Gabo Arora (Clouds Over Sidra, Wings of Grace) will breakdown the business of developing VR projects, funding channels and opportunities.  

Phil Harper, VR Producer/Director at IMRGE Studios, will reveal the process of how he had transitioned into this new medium and talk about his current collaboration with Tromsø-based media company, Ice-9 on an interactive VR project called ScienceFuture.

Cristian Dominguez Rein-Loring, Co-Founder and Director of Photography at New Horizons will be taking us a journey through the production of the VR documentary Fukushima: Contaminated Lives for Spanish newspaper El Pais, 5 years after the tsunami wreaked havoc on the town´s nuclear power plant.

Panel discussion and QA at the end of the seminar.

Open VR exhibition for public tryouts from 11.30 - 12.00 and 1615 - 1730

Light refreshments provided for Film 2.0 participants.


Clarion Hotel The Edge