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TIFF 2019 14.-20. januar



14.-20. januar 2019

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Dag Tid Sted
Tuesday 17. January 17:00 Winter Cinema
Wednesday 18. January 17:00 Winter Cinema
Thursday 19. January 17:00 Winter Cinema
Friday 20. January 17:00 Winter Cinema

The final 15 years of Nicolae Ceaușescu’s regime were certainly not a golden age, even though official propaganda told Romanians exactly that. This irony lies at the core of TALES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE and its depiction of life during the communist dictatorship. Based on some of the most popular urban legends of the period, Mungiu and his co-directors capture the mood of the nation with lots of black humor. It’s a period when everyday life was marred by the sparse supply of everything, from basic material goods to life opportunities, and where the twisted logic of the regime calls for bizarre, tragic and often comical situations.  

With its folksy approach to narrative and highly topical content, TALES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE was a box-office success in its homeland. The film consists of seven episodes, all written by Mungiu, who also acts as the film’s producer and directed two of the episodes himself. The others are directed by Romanian filmmakers of the same generation.

During the festival, these tales will be screened at the Winter Cinema. One or two episodes will be screened each day at 5 pm, in the period of January 17- January 20. The film will also be screened in full av Fokus 1/5 Sunday January 22 at 17:30.

Note: All screenings will have Norwegian subtitles.

Director: Cristian Mungiu
Screenplay: Cristian Mungiu
Photography: Liviu Marghidan, Oleg Mutu, Alex Sterian
Actors: Vlad Ivanov, Tania Popa, Alexandrou Potocean, Avram Birau, Calin Chirila, Diana Cavallioti
Run time: 2 hours 18 min
Year: 2009
Country: Romania and France
Producer: Cristian Mungiu, Oleg Mutu, Pascal Caucheteux
Sales: Tour de Force
Age rating: 15

Director info
Cristian Mungiu (f. 1968) er Romanias kanskje fremste filmskaper og en av nøkkelpersonene i «den rumenske bølgen» fra 00-tallet. Filmene hans har et realistisk og ofte observerende preg, tydelig samfunnskritikk og mye humor. Mungiu mottok Gullpalmen i Cannes både i 2007 for 4 MÅNEDER, 3 UKER, OG 2 DAGER, og i 2016 for beste regi for GRADUATION.

Winter Cinema