TIFF 2018 15.-21. januar

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15.-21. januar 2018


Tromsø International Film Festival cooperates well with several partners and companies. We are proud to present our official partners

Official partners

Troms County

Troms County sees the Tromsø International Film Festival as a part of the strategy for the “High North” as it takes place in northern Norway, and that it is important for the entire northern region. Troms County’s goal is to create the right conditions for a stronger and more competitive production of film in accordance with local development. Tromsø International Film Festival is such an important partner serving as an arena and venue, network and inspiration and furthermore creating skill development and knowhow. And last but not least: providing the ultimate cinematic experience!

Lerøy Aurora

Lerøy Seafood Group is the leading exporter of seafood from Norway and the world's second largest producer of Atlantic Salmon. Our Vision is "Lerøy in every kitchen", and each day we supply the equivalen of three million meals of seafood to more than 70 markets worldwide.

The Group's core activities are distribution, sale and marketing of seafood, processing of seafood, production of salmon, fjordtrout and other species, as well as product development. We are proud to supply a total range of seafood products from Norway including salmon, fjord trout, cod, saithe, mackerel, herring, shellfish and others.

Our global sales network includes daughter companies in Sweden, Finland, France, Spain, Portugal and Turkey and sales offices in China, Japan and the USA. We have 14 processing facilities located in different European countries.

SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge

SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge is the region's own bank. We have grown in step with developments in the region, and have become a modern financial house with 800 employees and 72 offices throughout the region. We are of course also present online, on mobile platforms and in social media.

We believe it is important that our region has exciting and diverse cultural activities. This helps to create growth and development in our communities and attracts expertise to the region. This so we can realize the variety of opportunities that exist in the north.

Together, we get things to happen.


UiT - The Arctic University of Norway

The University of Tromsø is the biggest education and research facility in the cap of the north. As the worlds most nothern university it is natural for us to develop new knowlegde about our regions natrue, culture and society. our main tasks are research and education. At UiT you can choose amongst 100 different study programmes. 

Tromsø Municipality

Tromsø is the host municipality for the Tromsø International Film Festival. TIFF is a very important venue for professional film industry in Norway and in the Barents Region. The partnership between TIFF and Tromsø municipality has as its aim to ensure teamwork and an overall and long-term development within the film sector, in the image building of the festival and in the cultural development of civic Tromsø.