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Anna Rose Holmer’s THE FITS (USA) won this year’s main prize, the AURORA Award at Tromsø International Film Festival. GRADUATION by the festival’s Guest of Honor, Rumanian auteur Cristian Mungiu received the International Critic’s Award FIPRESCI.

The Tromsø Palm, for best film in TIFF’s short and documentary program Films from the North went to MIDSUMMER NIGHT by Swedish Director Jonas Selberg Augustsén.

We have scheduled extra screenings of the following films Monday January 23rd.

16:00 SHERPA



All screenings are at Verdensteatret. Tickets are available now. TIFF value cards and accreditation cards can be used for all screenings. Free festival wristlet if you don't have one already.


The wristbands will be handed out at our ticket counters or our information desk at Aurora kino Fokus when you purchase your first ticket.

Get a taste of the festival at the end of the week!

We now launch a brand new mobile app for TIFF 2017. This is the easiest way to explore the festival when you're on the move. Download the app, and have the festival at hand by one click.

The app is made in collaboration with Filmgrail and is available for iOS and Android users. 

- This is a special deal, normally just offered to Industry Delegates. Now we give our audience a chance to join the official opening party, says Astrid Aure, Head of Marketing at TIFF.

-  We had a lot of trouble with our online ticket sale Monday. A lot of the ones who were out early to get their tickets got stuck in the internet limbo and missed out on the tickets to these two films. Now we give them another chance to see the films at TIFF, says Festival Director Martha Otte.

Monday January 16. // Hålogaland Teater
19:30 TONGUE CUTTERS (regular tickets only, no accreditation quota)

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- The submissions prove that it's been a strong year for documentary film. That's why we've gone big and made room for four documentary programs this year, says John-Kristian Dalseth, the program director for Films from the North.

This year's program will feature 17 documentaries, which is more than the last two year's combined.


130 submitted films


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