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Screening program will be released later in December.

The gift card includes a voucher for festival wristband and program catalogue, along with a value card with 2, 12 or 22 tickets. 

Gift cards can be purchased at the box office at Aurora kino Fokus or at Aurora Billetts web shop.



Looking for a christmas present for someone who already has it all? Or perhaps for someone you know who loves film and the festival? This year's festival products are now available and we've opened our merchandise shop in the middle of Tromsø city centre. And of course, you're perfectly welcome to buy something just for yourself!

Films from the North (FFN) is TIFF's largest sidebar, featuring shorts and documentaries from the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada. The program is widely popular with the festival's audience, and in 2014 the admissions for FFN reached 3714 tickets. This makes FFN the largest audience festival for shorts in Norway. 

A total of 182 films were submitted and 42 of them got selected into the program. 25 of these are in competition for "The Tromsø Palm" award.


Earlier this week the local media wrote about at project organized by the Municipality of Tromsø where 9th graders are making documentary films about how they imagine the future in their parts of the city. Similar projects have been done in Kroken and Langes as well, where the students were looking at life in their neighborhood. What is special about Kroken? How is it to live at Langnes? What's cool? What's lame?


THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT SEASON by Carl Christian Lein Størmer will open Tromsø International Film Festival 2015. The film explores Tromsø’s acclaimed snowboard scene in the 1990s, and also tells of the making of a mysterious snowboard film.

As a volunteer you're part of the festival team, and will of course have time to see films in between shifts.To volunteer for TIFF you need to be 18 years or older, and be situated in Tromsø in the festival period. 

Read more and sign up as volunteer.


Last month the festival presented the TIFF-sweater, with its design and material available for the audience. The response has been tremendous and it seems every day new sweaters are appearing in different shapes and colours. Hege Merete Benoni, manager of Bundingen at Jekta - where you can buy the yarn and recipe for the sweater - has people in asking for the sweater on a daily basis.

The official sweater pattern is designed by Heidi Sunde, and yarn and pattern can be purchased for a special discount at the store Bundingen at Jekta shopping mall in Tromsø.

– We encourage all knitters to use the the official #tiffstrikk hashtag, and post photos of their TIFF sweater projects on Instagram and other social medias, says festival Director Martha Otte.

The festival in January will even feature a special screening for audience in TIFF sweaters.

Chaplin's iconic character «The Tramp» has it's 100 year anniversary this year, an event celebrated all over the world. Silent Film Days in Tromsø will naturally take part in the celebration, and puts on an evening dedicated to the great Master. 


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