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TIFF 2019 14.-20. januar



14.-20. januar 2019

Entry guidelines

Instructions for film submission Films from the North
1. The film’s subject matter, the production itself or the film’s director should have a strong connection to the Barents region (or other circumpolar areas).
2. Only documentaries and short films of less than 1 hour will be considered for Films from the North.
3. Screening format is DCP. We also accept films delivered as HD files. See more info.
4. The film should be finalised during the last year.
5. The film should not have broad distribution in Norway prior to the festival. – Films already screened on Norwegian television or made publicly available on the internet, are not eligible.
6. Screening copies must have English subtitles (unless they are in English).
7. Selections will be made by the festival’s administration. Decisions of refusal will not be commented.
8. Films can be shown in or out of competition.

1. Submissions are done online from our web site. Submission deadline is October 19, 2018.
2. If the film is not complete, a temporary version can be uploaded upon agreement with the festival.
3. The selection will be announced by early December 2018.
4. All screening copies of selected film should be in Tromsø by Thursday January 3, 2019.